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Three Super Quick Ways to Stretch Your Natural Hair Without Heat 🔥

There are lots of ways to elongate your curls. These are the fastest methods to get the job done without using any heat.

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Seven Easy Ways to Treat Scalp Irritation 💆🏾

Simple ways to remedy an itchy scalp.

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Five Ways to Grow Thicker Hair 💁🏿

If you suffer from thinning edges, split ends, or anything in between try out these five tricks for growing thicker, stronger hair.

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The Awesome Evolution of Men's Hairstyles Over 100 Years ⏲

Must Watch: '100 Years of Beauty' showcases how American men's hair has transformed over this past century.

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What's Better for Your Hair: Combing or Finger Detangling? ☝🏿

The pros and cons of combing versus finger detangling natural hair.

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