We truly appreciate all the love our dear readers and customers have shown us! Here are some highlights.

"These are the MOST amazing hats ever! 🎉" - @_lesliesimmons (Instagram)

"The satin lined beanie is the best thing ever no lie. I need more colors. Did not see one broken strand on my shoulder yesterday." - @_lawinter (Instagram)

"Been showing off my hat to Sisters I see all along the TTC, at work and such. Great product deserves recognition." - Zabrina C.

"I am loving my new hat and wands. Best purchase... EVER!" - Michelle

"Love, love, love my hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍" - Nawesa A.

"Best customer service ever! 😘😘" - Kat

"Thanks for this blog! I love it! I've only been natural for a couple years, and everything on this page is so inspiring! " - celestial-fox on Tumblr

"[My friend] LOVESSSSS her touque!!! Like she loves it She loves the colour, the knot quality, the silk lining, which is also good for her thick Indian hair." - Anne C.

"I'm a sucker for scrunchies... and this is a Canadian brand. Count me in! 😍" - @ComfyGirlCurls (Twitter)

"I've only tried the beanie so far and it is super comfy and warm and I love it." - Janel J.

"My most favourite product is the scalp wand😍 No more itchy or dry scalp, it rolls smoothly and feels soooo good.👍🏽" - Angie

"Thank you for the article on dry shampoo for kinky hair, it is a great answer for me." - Velda

"I wore your hat on the walk to the train and not only was it super comfy but I had zero hat hair for once. 10/10." - Val K.