Seven Easy Ways to Treat Scalp Irritation 💆🏾

7 Easy Ways to Treat Scalp Irritation - [KINK & COIL BLOG]

Nothing is more aggravating than an itchy scalp. Whether it's caused by dehydration, allergies, or tight braiding it can be super embarrassing, and lasting solutions are often hard to come by. It's is an issue I've struggled with for years so I decided to put together this list of tips in case you're also looking to soothe an angry scalp.
  1. Cleanse only when necessary. Kinky, coily hair only needs to be washed once or twice a week tops. Washing it more often tends to rob your scalp of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. If for whatever reason you absolutely must clean it more than twice a week, try skipping the shampoo to avoid excessively stripping your hair of oil. Condition as usual.
  2. Drink water and spritz daily. Many naturalistas are aware they need to moisturize their hair to prevent it from breaking, but did you know you should also keep your scalp hydrated? Dryness causes itchiness, so drinking water regularly and spritzing your scalp with a water-oil blend will go a long way to keep the itching at bay.
  3. Seal in moisture with oil. If you moisturize without applying oil afterwards, the water will soon evaporate and leave your scalp dry again. Light oils like jojoba and coconut are great for locking the moisture into your hair and scalp without adding too much greasiness.
  4. Get your ratios right. Sometimes itchiness is the result of an imbalance in products. If you use too much of any one thing, it might clog and irritate your pores. Subscribe to the rule that less is more and your scalp will thank you.
  5. Eliminate potential irritants. Your itchiness might also be caused by irritating product ingredients or allergens. Do your best to figure out which ingredient in particular is causing you problems, either by making changes to your regimen or getting an allergy test.
  6. Avoid tight styles. A lot of tension on your hair follicles can make your scalp itch, too. Be sure to leave a little breathing room in your braids, twists, and cornrows so this doesn't happen.
  7. Be careful with heat. As I mentioned before, dryness and itching usually go hand-in-hand. If you're a fan of the flat iron or blowdryer, keep it on low heat and avoid applying it directly to your scalp to minimize evaporation.

It might be a few weeks before you start noticing results, but stay persistent and hopefully you'll get some relief. If nothing helps, though, definitely consider seeing a dermatologist.

Do you have a trick for soothing your scalp? Share in a comment below!

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