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5 tips for keeping your edges laid to the goddesses 💁🏿‍♀️

Embed from Getty Images If you randomly select a natural hair tutorial on YouTube, chances are the final step will be to lay your edges. From box braids to wash-and-gos, many people like to slick down their baby hairs to give their style a polished look. Laid edges definitely aren't a new phenomenon. We've been styling our baby hairs for decades. But just because it's an old practice doesn't automatically mean it's a safe one. When properly taken care of, Afro hair is quite durable. However, if we over-manipulate it or don't provide it with enough moisture, nutrients, and protein, it can become brittle...

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Shopping is a breeze with our Holiday Gift Guide! 🎁

We've got something for every naturalista on your list!

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How to Prep Your Natural Hair for a Camping Trip ⛺

Don't let your camping trip spoil your healthy hair journey! These tips will help you keep your curls healthy while you enjoy the wilderness.

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Seven Natural Hair Podcasts You Should Listen To 👂🏾

Can't get enough of natural hair? Here are some great podcasts about caring for and styling your kinks, coils, and curls.

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Seven Easy Ways to Treat Scalp Irritation 💆🏾

Simple ways to remedy an itchy scalp.

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