5 Tips for Keeping Your Edges Laid to the Goddesses 💁🏿‍♀️

If you randomly select a natural hair tutorial on YouTube, chances are the final step will be to lay your edges. From box braids to wash-and-gos, many people like to slick down their baby hairs to give their style a polished look.

Laid edges definitely aren't a new phenomenon. We've been styling our baby hairs for decades. But just because it's an old practice doesn't automatically mean it's a safe one.

When properly taken care of, Afro hair is quite durable. However, if we over-manipulate it or don't provide it with enough moisture, nutrients, and protein, it can become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Our baby hairs are particularly vulnerable because they are much thinner than the rest of our hair and are completely exposed to the elements (wind, sun, etc).

I personally like to minimize how much I manipulate my hair, and so I choose not to lay my edges. If you like to slick yours down, though, here's what I'd suggest to make sure your baby hairs stay healthy:

1. Always start by hydrating them with water. This will keep the hairs from drying out and breaking.
2. Apply an oil or gel that suits your hair type. For example, if your hair is low porosity, use a light oil that can penetrate the hair shaft, like coconut. Those with high porosity hair can opt for a heavier oil that will prevent the moisture you've just added from evaporating immediately.
3. Use a gentle tool, like an old toothbrush.
4. Avoid over-brushing your hairs. Two or three strokes should do the trick.
5. Wear a satin-lined cap to preserve your edges. You'll be able to rock your look for much longer!

    Do you lay your edges? Why or why not? Share in a comment below!


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