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How to Do a Hot Oil Treatment in 10 Minutes (Or Less!) ⏳

Lifehacks for any naturalista who wants to minimize the amount of time it takes to do a hot oil treatment.

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Three Super Quick Ways to Stretch Your Natural Hair Without Heat 🔥

There are lots of ways to elongate your curls. These are the fastest methods to get the job done without using any heat.

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Seven Easy Ways to Treat Scalp Irritation 💆🏾

Simple ways to remedy an itchy scalp.

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How to Find the Best Blow Dryer for Curly Hair 🌬

Here are some tips on selecting a hair drier that will respect your curls!

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Is Dry Shampoo Good for Black Hair? 🤔

An explanation of how dry shampoo works on natural and relaxed Afro hair.

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