Three Ways to Update Your Natural Hair Regimen for Fall 🍂

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If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may be noticing some changes in the weather. Here in Toronto the sun isn't shining as brightly, the days are a bit cooler, and the wind is definitely picking up. It's important to pay attention to these atmospheric changes because they have a great impact on your natural hair. As the temperature and humidity drop, you should focus on how your hair looks and feels. Here are the top three ways you can update your natural hair regimen for autumn:

  1. MOISTURE - If your natural hair is suddenly feeling coarse or dry, it's because the surrounding air is no longer providing much of the hydration it needs. To combat this, spritz your hair with a water-based moisturizer more frequently and use penetrating oils like coconut oil when you deep condition.
  2. HEAT - When your hair is dry split ends, knots, and frizz are more likely to occur. Steering clear of blow driers and flat irons while you intensify your moisturizing routine will give your hair a chance to heal.
  3. STYLE - One of the easiest ways to strengthen your hair in preparation for winter is to protect it in hairstyles like braids and twists. Among other benefits, doing this will save you from experiencing breakage and it'll give your hair a chance to grow without interruption. If you aren't sure which hairdo will suit you best, check out these seven easy steps to finding your perfect protective style.


What are your tricks for preparing your hair for cooler weather? Share in a comment below!


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