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The only thing worse than paying $500 for a hairstyle is paying $500 AND being confined to a salon chair for ten hours. A trip to the salon can drag on forever, especially if you've requested an elaborate style or your hairdresser is a rookie. For this reason, I personally opt to have the stylist come to my house. That way instead of wasting the day, I can get a tonne of work done at the same time. Although being stuck in a chair for over six hours forces me to be productive, I try to shave off as much time as possible so I can continue on with my day. I'm sure you feel the same way too, so here are some tricks to making your hair appointment go as quickly as possible.

  • Narrow your search down to salons that are located nearby or hairdressers who live in your area. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend traveling to and from your appointment. Moreover, if your stylist is coming to you and running late, you won't have to wait as long as if s/he were commuting from the other side of town.
  • Keep an eye out for stylists who claim to be fast. If they specifically mention in their advertising that they have a bunch of experience and are able to finish various treatments and styles in a short amount of time, put them at the top of your list.
  • When in doubt, simply ask the stylist how quickly s/he can do your favourite treatment or style. You know you've struck gold when someone says they can install medium-sized, shoulder-length box braids in 3 hours! (However, beware that some claims may be too good to be true. With increased speed you run the risk of sacrificing quality, so double-check the stylist's online reviews and testimonials.)

  • It's absolutely imperative that you wash your hair before your appointment, even if the salon has offered to do it for you. The dirtier your hair is, the harder it will be for the stylist to deal with - and this will add more time to your service.
  • After washing your hair, moisturize it with a light oil, cream, or butter. This will keep it protected before your appointment and make your hair more manageable for the hairdresser.
  • Be sure to detangle your hair thoroughly. Even if you don't have a tonne of knots going on, it's still a colossal waste of time to have your stylist do this tedious task for you. Having it detangled ahead of time will allow her/him to launch straight into the service. Moreover, no one is better qualified to detangle your own hair than you are!
  • Know which style or treatment you want. I can't stress enough how helpful it is to have an idea of what kind of service you'd like beforehand. The more precisely you can narrow it down, the sooner your hairdresser can start.

WHEN YOU GET THERE (or when your stylist arrives)
  • Arrive early or on time so you can be seated right away. If the stylist is coming to you, set up the work station ahead of time (ie: have your chair, combs, sprays, towels, etc ready to go).
  • Make sure you tell your hairdresser exactly what you want immediately, and avoid adding new details after s/he's started. This will save her/him from having to undo work that's already been done.

The best part about these strategies is that most salons and stylists charge per style or treatment, rather than by the hour. This means that by shortening your appointment, you'll be saving money without hurting their bottom line. In fact, the sooner your hairdresser finishes with you the sooner s/he can start servicing the next client!

How do you optimize your visits to the hairdresser? Share in a comment below!


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