Satin-Lined Beanie (with removable pompom)

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Our hair is vulnerable to damage every time we step out into the wind, sun, and cold. Save your strands by wearing a satin-lined beanie! Satin is perfect for protecting hair because it doesn't absorb as much moisture or cause as much friction as other materials, like wool and cotton. Not only are our toques great for minimizing frizz and breakage, but they'll also keep you cozy, warm, and looking super cute.

Check out this glowing review by the curly hair experts at Naturally Curly!

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To preserve the newness of your beanie, please remove the pompom (it pops right off!) before hand-washing in lukewarm water, then lay flat to dry.


  • Acrylic shell
  • Satin lining (color may vary)
  • Removable faux fur pom pom


To better match the color of the beanie, some of our mustard toques are lined with a matte satin that is less shiny than the satin used in the other hats. We assure you the benefits are the same; your hair will still be protected from excess friction and damage.


Thick Knit: 25 in or 64 cm circumference, 7.9 in or 20 cm height
Stretchy Knit: 41 in or 104 cm circumference, 10 in or 25.4 cm height

"Love, love, love my hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍" - Nawesa A.