Your Nails Might Be Damaging Your Hair 💅🏿

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Happy Halloween! Today's festivities have inspired me to write about something scary: the damaging effects long and/or unkempt nails can have on your natural hair. Of course this photo is a gross exaggeration, but the truth is nails that have been allowed to grow unchecked can pose a great risk to the health of your hair. Whenever you wash, detangle, or style, your nails are making constant contact with your hair. This isn't an issue if your nails are in good shape, but if they're cracked, splitting, or cut at sharp angles they could snag onto and pull out your hair strand by strand! Fortunately, there are ways to have pretty nails without impeding hair growth.

  1. File, don't cut. According to Beauty By Esani, experts suggest filing your nails with an emery board is healthier than cutting them with metal clippers or even using a metal nail file. This is because metal places more stress on your nails than the emery board does, which in turn leaves your nails more susceptible to breakage. Filing with an emery board is gentler and gives you more control to shape your nails perfectly.
  2. Round it out. Unless you're dying to try a square or almond nail, buff all sharp edges to round them off. This will prevent any snagging and cutting that could damage your hair.
  3. Keep 'em short. If you're accustomed to managing your hair with long nails, this tip is optional. However, the longer your nails are the higher your chances of placing undue stress on your hair strands. Nails are generally hard in texture compared to the soft, blunt, and tender pads of your fingers. Your fingertips are the perfect instruments to handle fragile, natural hair, and they have an easier time navigating through your tresses than long nails would.

How do you keep your nails healthy? Share your tricks in a comment below!


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