You and Your Natural Hair Versus the Weather ☀️☔️❄️

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Have you figured out which products your hair loves? If not, it's okay. Every naturalista experiences a trial and error period where she goes through about a hundred cans, bottles and tubes before she strikes the golden combination. They call this phenomenon product junkie-ism. Being a product junkie can be exhilarating, but it's also a bit taxing on your wallet (and can leave your bathroom looking like a beauty supply store warehouse)!

If you're still in the process of understanding which ingredients are best for your curls, there is a way to fast-track the product junkie stage and start seeing results. It's all about the weather. The climate you live in has an incredible impact on how your strands respond to different treatments. This might seem strange, especially considering hair is dead tissue, but think about it. Have you ever noticed that your blow-outs always shrink on rainy days? Or that your hair lightens slightly after spending a whole summer under the sun? Pay attention to the seasons. If the winters where you live are quite windy, you should seriously consider protective styling to minimize exposure and tangles during those months. Natural hair is particularly sensitive to its environment, and you can harness this to your advantage! We'll explore this more in upcoming blog posts.

How do you keep your curls immune from the weather? Share in a comment below!


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