Three Things You're Forgetting to Do for Your Natural Hair 😮

Did you remember to turn off the stove? Lock the door? Feed the hamster? Life throws a lot at us to remember, and sometimes it's a little overwhelming to keep track of it all. As I learn more about keeping my hair healthy, it seems like the list of products, methods, and tricks only continues to grow. Despite keeping my routine as low-maintenance as is socially acceptable, there are three things I often forget to do to take care of my hair.

1. Drink Water - I'll give you a second to grab a glass of water before you continuing reading.... Alright, now that you've got some hydration let's talk about how immensely important it is. You've no doubt heard over and over that roughly 70% of the human body is made up of water and that it constantly needs to be replaced due to bodily functions such as sweating and urination. Of course your internal organs take priority, but did you know that some of the water you drink actually makes it all the way up to your scalp? That's right. And when it gets there, it works hard to combat dryness and keep your strands from growing brittle. The body sure is a wonder.

2. Seal in Moisture with Oil - So let's say you're drinking your eight glasses of water a day. What use is all that hydration if you let it evaporate? The same holds true for spritzing your hair or washing it with conditioner. They key to locking in moisture is applying an oil or butter afterwards. Here's an awesome video that scientifically explains why this works.

3. Trim as Needed - When's the last time you trimmed your hair? If you have no idea, you should probably get on that. Regular trimming prevents split ends from traveling up the hair shaft so each strand remains strong and length isn't compromised. Your ends are the oldest and most delicate part of your hair, so the longer you go between trims the more likely your ends will start to suffer. This is when you'll start noticing dryness, frizz, and other unsightly issues. This is a great guide you can use to properly trim your hair.
How do you stick to your hair care regimen? Share in a comment below!


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