How to keep your natural hair moisturized for a super long time. ūüí¶

Growing up, many of us were taught to avoid water like the plague. All it took was a few drops to completely undo hours of hot combing, roller-setting, or relaxing our hair. It wasn't just a waste of time if our freshly-straightened tresses got wet; it was often a huge waste of money too.

That's why it's completely understandable that, even into adulthood, many of us naturalistas try to extend as much time as possible between shampoos. We're lucky we don't need to cleanse our hair often, but there is a limit to how long we can go without washing.

Depending on how oily your scalp gets and how much product build-up you experience, you should generally wash your hair once or twice a week. I personally wash my hair three times a week because I play sports regularly, but I also know some people who wash their hair bi-weekly. It's up to you.

Regardless of how frequently you wash your hair, though, you need to keep it consistently moisturized. That's because moisture (in the form of water) keeps hair strong and flexible. It's less likely to split, get knotted, or break when it's hydrated. Our hair is the most moisturized right after we wash it, so here are some ways you can lock it in:

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and/or conditioning. This will add¬†extra moisture and nutrients to your hair.
  • Seal with oils to prevent the moisture from evaporating from your hair.
  • Do a protective style.¬†The less your hair is exposed to the open air, the less moisture will escape.
  • Cover your hair with satin to minimize friction and encourage your hair to absorb the leave-in and oils.
  • Spritz your hair¬†regularly¬†to¬†restore any lost¬†moisture.

As you can see, it's pretty easy to maintain moisture in your hair. All it takes is the right products and a consistent routine!

How do you keep your natural hair moisturized? Share in a comment below!

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  • These are such fantastic tips- I keep my hair moisturized by doing all of the above! ūüíõ

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