Choosing a Hair Brush Sponge: Which One is Best For You? 🤔

It can be tricky to switch up your look if you have short to medium-length natural hair. Many styles like cornrows and Bantu knots are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with only a few inches of hair to work with. It's also frustrating waiting for your hair to grow out just so you can have more styling choices. You should be able to enjoy your hair while it's short and experiment with a variety of styles!

Enter the hair brush sponge. This clever invention has been rising in popularity, especially as more people opt for the big chop and locs. By design, it's incredibly simple: just a sponge with small, evenly-spaced circular indents that catch and coil the hair into neat little sections. Depending on how you use it the sponge can provide a different texture to your afro, create neat coils, or even help you start your dreadlocks. Although hair brush sponges generally look the same, there are some differences you should be aware of. I've taken the liberty of scouring through the options and narrowed it down to the following three.

Cherir Premium Hair Sponge
Cherir Premium Hair Sponge
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Yields professional-looking results
  • Constructed from high quality materials
  • Durable up to one year
  • Larger than other sponge brands
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Magic Barber Sponge Brush Studio Limited
Magic Barber Sponge Brush
  • Works within minutes
  • Durable up to a few weeks
  • Some people find the sponge awkward to hold due to its size (but it can be cut in half)
  • Leaves particles in hair once it starts to degrade
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Magic Twist Hair Brush Sponge
Magic Twist Hair Brush Sponge
  • Easy to use
  • Great for starting dreadlocks
  • Fits comfortably in hand
  • Cheaply constructed
  • Must be replaced often, as it disintegrates after only a few uses
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If I had to choose one of these sponges I'd definitely go with the Cherir Premium Hair Sponge. It's incredibly easy to use and because it's made with such fine materials, it provides salon-quality results. The sponge is also covered by a one year replacement warranty, which means you'll be able to use it for far longer than any other brand.

Have you ever used a hair brush sponge before? Share your experience in a comment below!


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